Our cultural partners have been talking to street furniture already. Follow their suggestions for some interesting stories.

Art Alliance

Art Alliance Tour

Art Alliance

Date - March 17 - ongoing
Welcome to the Art Alliance Austin tour of Hello Lamp Post! Follow the map on the back to talk to some of our favorite objects, which just happen to be next to some of our favorite Austin art spaces.

Download map [PDF]

Let’s Talk Metal

Austin Chapter of the American Institute of Architects

Download map [PDF]

Date – March 4 - 18
Events – Mappy Hour. Tuesday, March 10th from 5:00 to 7:00PM at AIA Austin.

Metal — a testament to the Industrial Age’s impact on urbanism and architecture— is a man made alloy that composes the framework of our built environment. It is resilient and pervasive—taking shape in myriad forms. You find it in lamp posts, utility boxes, street furniture, architectural elements, signage, sculpture, and raw structure. We hope you enjoy your tour and conversations with the metallic inhabitants of Austin.


Fusebox Tour


Date – April 1 - 12

Say hello to objects and venues all around the 2015 Fusebox Festival. Fusebox is 12 days of unique programming with 50+ events in 20+ different sites around the city. We like to think of the festival as a hybrid art festival. It's part performance festival, part film festival, part music and visual art festival, part culinary and social event, part public art project, and everything in between. The colliding and encountering of different ideas, perspectives, forms, etc., is central to our understanding of creativity and plays an important role in how we shape the festival each year.

Landmarks Guided Tour


Download tour [PDF]

Sunday, April 12, 11 a.m.

Meet at 11 a.m. in front of the southern entrance of the Main Building. Your docent guide will walk you through UT’s original 40 acres to text some of UT's most distinguished inanimate objects.

Austin Technology Counci Tour

Austin Technology Council

Date – TBA
Events – TBA

Generation Waller

Waller Creek Conservancy and Red River Cultural District

Launch party: April 2nd, 5:30pm

Red River Tour

Red River Cultural District

Date - TBA
Events – TBA

Austin Parks Foundation

Austin Parks Foundation Tour

Austin Parks Foundation

Date – TBA
Events – TBA

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Commissioned by The City of Austin art in public places program

In partnership with Art Alliance Austin

Originally developed for Watershed’s Playable City Award 2013


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